Surprise Engagement Jason + Laura

As a photographer I get the honor of being a part of many fun, memorable, life changing moments, but tonight I was honored to be a part of our friends Jason + Laura’s surprise proposal. This incredibly cute couple met three years ago, yesterday, for the very first time, and what better day to ask for someones forever then the day you met them?

Here is how it went down. Jason asked me to make up this elaborate white lie to get Laura to do a photo shoot with me. First of all Laura is stunning, so I am not quite sure why she wouldn’t want to be in front of a camera, but with a hesitant “okay…are you sure?” she agreed. My story was, I was entering a contest for a boutique downtown KC and the winner got to honor of shooting their new fall inventory. I told her that I already had the Cider Hill Orchard reserved and the entries were all due by Friday; and that my original model backed out at the last minute. Laura’s sweet self agreed, and even went out and bought a new super cute outfit that fit the boutique-y look.

Upon arrival at the Orchard she and I went about our “contest photo shoot“. Moving from location to location around the beautiful grounds of the Orchard until, we hit the rock path. I told Laura to look down and walk towards me. Little did she know that on that very path would be notes from her fiance to be, and love of her life.

Jason and Laura, JW and I love you both so much and pray that God will richly bless your future, that He will pour out favor over everything you do, that you will put Him first in your marriage, and have an incredible life together. Congratulations and we were honored to be a part of this first step to forever for yall.

Enjoy the photos!

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Special “Thank you” to Cider Hill Family Orchard (One of our favorite places in all of KC. If you haven’t visited them during Apple Season, you are missing out.)





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